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The dry dose is not possible to adjust, it is known as the “Watch and Wait, method.
Using dry pellets, one would have results only by increasing the dose upward starting at 30 C, one dose given at the first visit and again on the second visit, then up to 200c for the next visit and the following visit, the same with upping the dose to 1M, and 10 M, per visit.  As one can see, management is difficult, if not impossible with this method, since there is no way to stop or adjust the ‘healing effects’ of the remedy, within the person. What is known as the similar 'aggravation', which means the person, in the process of healing is also being inundated by their own (similar) symptoms. The size of the dose (by virtue of it being dry), is impossible to stop, these are known as a similar aggravation. Unfortunately, woe for those of weak constitutions as the strong dose wreaked much havoc on them, too strong a dose can create an incurable condition. This was Hahnemann’s 4th edition of the Organon, he used dry dosing for only a few years before he went on to using the 5th edition, ‘watery dosing,' in 1833, This is known as ‘Kentian’ prescribing. Kent and his followers, many sadly even at the present time continue with this dosing method, long after Hahnemann had stopped dry potencies. 

James Kent was a wonderful homeopath, and great prover (see home page), of homeopathy and his knowledge of creation of the Materia Medica is unsurpassed and is one of the greatest advances for homeopathy, since Hahnemann created it. He as well as many other homeopaths’ of his time had great results, they understood and followed homeopathic principles to the T, and helped even with similar aggravations. No one really knows why he never used or advanced the study of Hahnemann’s 5th edition, using the words of my professor, the great Doctor Luc DeShepper, his ability to use his "Mighty Sword", could have revolutionized homeopathy world wide, far deeper that he had?

Kent never had any knowledge of the 6th edition of The Organon; LM potencies though, this potency is the deepest medicine to truly change nerve and cell degeneration, with the least amount of similar aggravations to the injured soul. At the time of Hahnemann’s passing July 2, 1943, Hahnemann had been grooming the wonderful student of doctor Hahnemann, Baron Von Boenninghausen for the role of teaching the LM potency in 1843. Though he was an avid practitioner of this method himself and was able to do great works, he kept the promise to the beloved second wife of Dr. Hahnemann, Baron Von Boeinghaussen to not share the invaluable 6th edition with the public. The politics of ‘allopath’s’ of the time, was disheartening for homeopaths, as they were bent on extinguishing homeopathy from ‘The World’, though by the time of Hahnemann’s passing, homeopathy was known and used all over the world, and has been ever since. 

Madame Hahnemann was unable to publish the 6th edition before her death; all those with knowledge of the new method had passed away, it was the descendants of Von Boeinghaussen, 77 years after Hahnemann’s passing, his descendents realized what they were in possession of. 

Madame Hahnemann was unable to publish the 6th edition before her death; all those with knowledge of the new method had long since, passed away. It was the descendents of Von Boeinghaussen, 77 years after Hahnemann’s  passing that realized what they had.

The first edition of the Organon was published in 1810
1828 4th edition; and ‘Chronic Diseases’ was published
1833 5th edition
1842 6th edition
Kent died in 1916.

In 1920 the 6th edition, gratefully for all of us, did ‘Re-Emerge’, from the attic of Baron Von Boeinghaussen, the first German edition appeared in 1920 and the English translation in 1921.

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